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as far as trying to catch the guys that really want to blow us up. >> and there goes back too christmas day and a guy who is handing on an airplane in the detroit area apparently trying to blow up a bomb in his underwear and ever since then the transportation people, the homeland security people kind of ramped things up from them and this past week weekend we will tell you the big mess going on in newark. the administration sent out one of the top terrorism guys to do some spinning. we had janet napolitano who said the system worked and then the next day she walked it back, it didn't work. john brennan was in the hot seat yesterday. >> and he wanted to explain how listen, wele find out what happened but there really wasn't any one thing that would have told us this was going to happen on december 25th so the fact that he bought the
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tick with cash and the fact that he had no luggage and might not have had a pass part and the fact this guy's father turned him in. all the elements together still didn't point them to the magic word. listen. there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist and is going get on the plane. >> wasn't this the point post 9/11 that we are not supposed to need the smoking gun element. it is not like we had a smoking gun element for what happened on 9/11. wasn't it trying to be trying to dissect it before you see that one piece of information that can be called the smoking gun. that is what a lot of people are saying. how safe are we if we can't defect the situation before it is so obvious that everyone on the planet knows about the smoking gun. >> it goes back to pre9/11 when one part of the government doesn't talk to the other part
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of the government. this guy's dad said my son has gone jihad. there was somebody in the cia in the room and took notes. but, apparently they sent it tow the dead letter file in the washington, d.c. because the fbi was never notified and the kid was put on a watch but was not put on a no fly. >> i and one thing that is good about what happened over the last eight years, every american has been educated on different pieces of intelligence that we never know anything about unless we like to read the novels or biographies. the father never felt as though when talked to the cia official that i never thought he was taking me seriously. the cia says we took him seriously and wrote up a report. the state department filed a report that says abdulmutallab was a problem. the cia didn't file theirs at the same time because they were waiting for photos.
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>> today, president obama comes back to washington, d.c. and will have a lot of high level meetings because of the heads of the agencies that were responsible for provideing that information or not providing that information. some people are asking whether or not this administration is distracted away from actually fighting the war on terror if that is what they are still calling it because of the domestic things they have put in the front burner. for instance, healthcare being one of them. that was talked about yesterday on the talk shows. listen. >> we had an administration which was not focused as it should be on terrorism and that is understandable. they were focused on healthcare and global warming on the economy. that is understandable. we weren't focused on yemen opened the terrible things appearancing there. now, we are and that is a good thing. >> and one of the 9/11 commissioners, one of the chairmen, he said it is understandable but it is not
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acceptable. also we were reading this morning that the president before he went off to hawaii on december 22nd got a briefing in the situation room and apparently he was told oh received the key homeland threats. and according to some people who had been in the administration in the intel community, all of we were talking about there was no one smoking gun. >> right. >> the officials are now saying that apparently all of those things that should have been lighting up like a christmas tree. and we were talking about the fact that apparently a saudi official briefed brennan. >> the defense minister. >> right. about the technique that was used in the past year where somebody tried to blow up a saudi prince. >> him. >> with a bomb in his underware and the reason he brought it to the attention of mr. brennan was because they felt that the united states was not paying enough attention to the country
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of yemen and the threats there. >> so much about the story that we continue to dissect this morning including how this particular underwear bomber should be tried. should he be an enemy combatant or tried in criminal courts. in criminal courts he is given rights afforded to all of us as u.s. citizens. it was debated with chris wallace on his sunday show. >> let me ask you specifically. after abdulmutallab got lawyered up, did he stop talking? >> i'm not going to address what he did before or after he was -- talked with his lawyer. we got information and we continued to have opportunities to do that. >> why not treat him? you certainly have the right. still have the right to treat him as an enemy combatant. why not do that. if he has more actionable intelligence about future attacks and you say there is a real possibility of that, doesn't the president have the responsibility to do everything legal he can to get that information? >> and the president has the
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responsibility and the department of justice makes the determination about what is the best tool to use and in this instance we felt it was the best way to address in abdulmutallab's case. >> what is the downside of treating him as an enemy combatant? >> we are trying to make sure that we apply the right tool in the right instance. in this case we made a determination that he should be tried in the u.s. criminal court. >> the department of justice who gave us those, evidently it is the department of justice with the great move to try him as a criminal instead of an enemy combatant even though it is a war and we are at a war with al-qaeda as even the president admits. the department of justice those are the ones that recommended to the president that khalid shaikh muhammad and his co-harts come to the u.s. for his trial. this guy who who was talking is now told by his lawyer don't talk. how does that make america
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safer? why are we concerned about what the rest of the world thinks about a would-be bomber that could have killed 300 of us? >> in honesty, the shoe bomber, same thing but we were in the middle at that time of the war in afghanistan. we put him in a criminal trial. he said i'm guilty, leave me, i'm not talking any more, that's it. that was a mistake. >> maybe because in this administration it is an overseas contingency operation and not awear on terror. a fox news alert. newark liberty international getting back to normal after a terminal was shut down when a man went through security the wrong way. they still haven't found them. linda schmidt is live at newark airport where it is very cold. >> it is freezing out here this morning but that is a little bit of a headache this morning. imagine what folks were going through last night. this happened at 5:30 and after
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the whole holiday weekend. people are packing into the airport here and there were literally thousands of people out here at newark airport when this thing happened. what the tsa is saying is some guy happened to walk the wrong way through a security check point exit and walk inside a secure area here at terminal c. they had to shut down the terminal for six hours and flights were grounded for hours and hours and hours while the tsa then poured over surveillance video trying to identify who the guy was. bottom line is they never identified him and found him. midnight they started rescreening the passengers here because the flights were grounded and they were finally able to start boarding the flights. so many people out here are saying how could this have happened? after the incident on christmas day and two days later some guy from florida boards a flight in d.c. coming to la guardia and he has a firecracker on him and now this thing happens. a lot of people are asking the question. is security at 100%?
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is it tighter or isn't it? there is a lot of frustration out here. fox caught up with one of the passengers last night and here is what the person had to say. >> chasing after somebody. we didn't see the guy but they were yelling out 10-9. 10-9, 10-9, everybody freeze, nobody move. >> tsa also saying this morning that this may have been totally innocent and the man may have accidentally walked through the wrong way. but the bottom line is how did it happen? why didn't anybody see him and why weren't they able to find him with surveillance video afterwards. all good questions. >> thank you very much. thank ups, linda. straight ahead, the british agency mi 5 had its sights set on the underwear bomber years ago but they didn't tell us. did they drop the ball? we think so. we will ask an expert next. >> an inside look at the white
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if you are just waking up, 16 minutes past the top of the hour. time for quick headlines today. family and friends of susan powell are launching a three day online campaign to help find the missing utah mom. they are using facebook, twitter and you tube to spread information and pictures of powell. she was last seen on
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december 7th. her husband says he was camping with the couple's two young sons at the time of her disappearance. the world's tallest building opening in dubai. it stands more than 2600 feet tall with 160 stories. that is more than a thousand feet taller than the world's second tallest building taipei 10. of course, that is in way to juan. taiwan. the fellow, the christmas bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab has extremist ties but they chose not to tell the united states about him. >> the problem for the uk is they have so many violent extremists so watch and so many plots to watch that they cannot look at the abdulmutallab types who are in the grey area between a radical and a violent extremist. he was flirting with extremism but he hadn't crossed the line. >> okay.
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so he was flirting but hadn't crossed the line. should the united states intelligence and uk intelligence be on the same page and should there be more sharing? with us is nigel west. he joins us from miami. good morning to you, nigel. >> good morning. >> they knew about this guy at a university in london and he had many communications with radicals and stuff like that. mi 5 knew about it and they didn't toledo our cia or fbi. >> it depends what you mean by knew about it. there is a point at which an individual when becomes radicalized crosses that line and becomes if you like a direct threat and there were plenty of boxes to be checked off. the difficulty about the security service is that it has limited resources. we have around 5,000 young men who have been identified who have gone to pakistan attended
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classessers maybe qualified in other ways, changed mosques, attended radical sermons by a particular mullah. may have started using cyber cafes, borrowed videos from the mosque library. these are all criteria and the security service has to prioritize and they will concentrate on the individuals who are judged to be posing a threat and if you look at the 7th of july bombers in london i'm afraid that two of them had been on the radar screen. when you look, when you build the wiring diia gram of these people as individuals very often they are known to each other. that doesn't amount to a failure of intelligence. just because somebody communicates doesn't mean that he should be arrested or interrogated or -- >> now, here in the united states, of course, we are talking about how and wait a minute there is a cia guy who
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listened to this guy's father come in and say my son has gone jihad and you better keep an eye on him. before you go, i want to pick your brain for a second. is there a precaution, here is guy has a bomb in his pants. how do you stop something like that? >> first of all, you can't be certain that a full body scanner would have worked. there are some precautions that you could take. profiling is a good example. the difficulty of profiling, so you identify young men between the ages of 16 and 25 and maybe identify muslims as well and identify and profile them ethnically. all of that would be welcomed by al-qaeda as marginalizing a part of the community. you can identify or reduce the prospect of collusion which is a big problem by redeploying all muslims who are on the frontline and preventing
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foreign languages being used by security staff in front of the passengers. >> we have to end it there today. we thank you for joining us today from miami. more fox and friends in two minutes, stay with us. ♪ sitting in a fortune 100 company? a good place to find yourself. and that's exactly where our graduates do find themselves -- in 96 of those fortune 100 companies. because we make sure our bachelor's degree programs... meet the needs of businesses by working with businesses... to develop our bachelor's degree programs. devry university. discover educatn working at
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the new year, it's 2010 and one word we thought we maybe wouldn't be talking about as much as we did in 2009. >> an acronym. >> acorn. >> and we are talking about it again. >> and here it is. i was taken by the fact that a couple of weeks guy there was a report done saying that acorn in the clear, it was fine. the people that did the undercover investigation probably broke the law. joining us to tell us what is coming around the band in 20 -- around the bend in 2010, john
6:25 am
fund from. >> who paid for it? >> gosh. it was acorn itself that paid for it. they won't tell us how much but they went to a former attorney general of massachusetts who is a noted liberal and said here, go look at acorn. i read the report and the interesting thing is they only looked at acorn. they didn't look at acorn housing or all of the acorn front groups. acorn has 196 front groups. they have so many front groups. the joke inside the organization is that our left-hand doesn't know what the extreme left hand is doing. >> that is never good when you are using taxpayer money. what is going to happen in louisiana now? my understanding is that the attorney general may be cracking down. >> acorn is based in a group in new orleans. they have tax liens and tax liabilities and they were raided by the attorney general's office who is a democrat by the way and they
6:26 am
carted away all the computers and they will go through some evidence. acorn is fighting subpoenas and other things in court for evidence and they are fighting back. i think the louisiana general's office is going to get a grip on the octopus like. could it go all the way to the white house because of the fact the president -- >> just remember, president obama was not only a top trainer for acorn. he was their lawyer back in the 1990s. his campaign transferred $835,000 and apparently try -- during the 2008 campaign and apparently tried to conceal it. there are lots of ties. the white house, of course, doesn't want anything to do with acorn right now. i think we will find acorn was a giant attempt to evade tax laws and use nonprofit status and tax exempt status and at the same time having all front groups for political work. >> always enlightening to have a discussion with you.
6:27 am
thank you very much. now, moving on in our 2010 edition of "fox and friends." are we sending the wrong message by closing our doors in the embassy? >> and a better place to be stranded? how about a pub for two days. you can see that. right here. >> if i can't get out, i would like to be able to pour. >> and happy birthday to the legendary dolphins coach. 80 years young today. >> and he was on "fox and friends" weekend, yesterday. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there
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i couldn't believe the video. the newark airport front story on many blog was major delay and security scare at newark at which time we found out despite all the cameras, we just got updated, someone walked through the wrong way and that caused a security breach and therefore thousands of people were stranded as they tried to find out who breached security. >> as i was ending my holiday vacation and coming into newark i was glad that this happened at 5:20 and not 4:30 as i was coming back. i'm not sure they would have allowed people incoming to get
6:31 am
off their planes but i think they would have. hundreds of thousands had to come back and some decided to have fun while they were in the middle of absolute boredom. >> josh wilson decided when the going gets tough the tough get going. there they are singing "hey jude" last night. >> six hours these people were stranded. here is the problem with newark, guys. i know we have been in and out of there. you can mistakenly walk through those entrances because there are no doors. >> the good thing about when you say hey jude and you only have a guitar? the frustration is played by the people banging their head on the wall. >> they are letting guys with guitars on airplanes? >> oh, my goodness. as long as it doesn't fit in his pants i'm okay with it. >> i can tell you after receiving a patdown yesterday coming back internationally, they don't pat you in the area that counts, okay.
6:32 am
if i decided to have something in my underwear, they are not going to find it, okay. and when they are patting down my four-year-old and he says to me mom, why are they cryin drye off. >> that is awesome. >> yes, honey, we do patdowns every night for security reasons in our household. >> all right. it is 28 minutes before the top of the hour. speaking of airports. starting today, new security rules go into effect for all passengers on u.s. bound international flights. kelly wright is live in washington with the latest. if you are from one of 14 different countries, it sounds like you are going to get the dried off business. >> yeah, including well in my case probably those areas that gretchen didn't get patted down. i will tell you that that singer at the newark airport gave a lot of levity and, of course, some relief and, of course, he is auditioning for "american idol." anyway, to the heart of the
6:33 am
story. >> let me stay i will be traveling with kelly wright because he could break into song without musical accompaniment because he could hold a tune. >> i think the tsa is holding a different tune because they were serious about what took place there at newark international airport because of the new and enhanced screening measures. the tsa received a security concern at a major u.s. airport which you have been discussing and shut down newark liberty international airport after a man was seen going through the wrong side of the security check point. flights were grounded for nearly six hours and everyone had to be rescreened and the man was never found. meantime, the security enhancements being applied starting today include full body scans, body patdowns and carry on searches and the tsa announceing that all passengers on u.s. bound international flights will be subject to random screening. those affected by the new rules
6:34 am
any one traveling from or through cuba, iran, sue tan and syria. the other countries include nigeria, yemen and pakistan. this action, guys, of course, comes amid the obama administration examination of the attempted terror attack on christmas day. white house counter terrorism advisor john brennan is leading the white house review and says this was a failure to connect all the dots and no sing isle definitive piece of information was missed by intelligence agencies. while the investigation continues, u.s. officials tell fox news that hugh enhanced security screening has been something the tsa has been discussing extensively since the detroit incident on christmas day. aviation security experts also tell fox news this is a very appropriate step toward developing solutions to an ever changing threat environment. back to you. >> kelly wright live in the d.c. bureau with the latest. is this an appropriate
6:35 am
response. the united states embassy in yemen has been attacked two times in the last couple of years. what they did yesterday was the united states and the united kingdom both decided to close their embassies because there is some chatter there could be a western target and it could be the embassy so they are closing things down. >> apparently they want to save some american lives because they have a direct threat that the embassy may be attacked. some other people are asking questions about the gitmo detainees being released. last year was 61 gitmo detainees released back to yemen. some sort of report said many of them ended up going back to their terrorist ways. >> seven are from yemen that are going back. we have about 950 specifically from -- we have about 90 specifically from yemen. are they going back. if you list tonight democrats, congress woman jean harmon, a democrat and joe leiberman, they have one thing in come.
6:36 am
they all say stop, hold off on sending these detainees back to yemen. and when john brennan yesterday said oh, we are pretty happy with what yemen does with their prisoners, that is the same place that allowed them to escape before. one guy went back in and said i will only go back, he was on a death watch and on death row, he said i will go back to prison if you promise that you willle let me out if i'm good in prison and they said okay, that is fine. now, the other guys are now running things in al-qaeda into the arabian peninsula. >> and i think it was a brian ross report that said that two of the guys involved in the attempted christmas day bombing with the airplane in detroit apparently two of the planners were in gitmo a number of years ago. kit bond, who is a senator from the great state of missouri was on "fox news sunday" yesterday and he said that essentially the administration is stone
6:37 am
walling him and people on the homeland security committee. they need to know stuff about these guys from yemen and they are not getting it. >> saudi arabia was supposed to have an excellent program of rehabilitation. 11 of their rehabilitation graduates have been captured or killed on the battlefield and i have asked the director of national intelligence what is the scorecard for 2009? we knew through 2008 there were 61 gitmo guys that had gone back to terrorism and it is classified and they won't release it. we need to know. >> you do need to know. >> and senator kit bond is going to join us in the 8:00 hour to expound on the thoughts he had yesterday. my question is do we get oil from yemen? >> i don't think so. >> so there would be no question to any kind of oil ties here as to the diplomatic relationship between the u.s. and yemen. just wondering. >> but we are giving them $67 million and going to
6:38 am
quadruple that now with 190. on page 8 they had photos of terrorists in the rehab program in pools and coloring pictures. that is the rehab program. they think crayons and water coolers and teach them to relax and they wouldn't be would-be terrorists. that is the program. >> they must be painting with the color green because that is what they paint prison walls with to calm down. >> really? >> yes, green is the calming color. >> give you the headlines. iran now says several foreigners were arrested during clashes between opposition supporters and security forces last month. iranian officials say the detainees were leading a psychological war against the system and state media says iran will conduct large-scale war games next month and coincide with what iran says is a deadline for the west to respond to a counter offer for a nuclear fuel deal.
6:39 am
the west has already denounced that offer. meanwhile, it happens once a decade and the advertising for it kicked off today. the 2010 census. you will hear about the population count because it is being touted with an unprecedented $340 million promotional blitz. that is a third of a billion dollars for this promotional blitz called portrait of america. it is a road tour. the goal is to encourage people to respond to the ten question census four. a 46-foot long trailer and four smaller car quo vans will make stops at more than 800 local festivals including the super bowl is and daytona 500. to hire like a million people and that will be good. tiger woods estranged life is still planning on taking the golf star to the cleaners financially. news of the world reports and i assume it is this world. even was spotted with friends
6:40 am
joking that she gave him a $300 million christmas present this year. pals say she is focused on divorcing him and taking half of his money. he is reported to be hiding out at trump international. one heck of a new york party i after 30 party goers we stranded. they were celebrating when the blizzard hit, trapping them behind 7-foot high snow drifts. they were finally rescued yesterday. i hope they had a lot of you know what to keep them occupied during the three days. champagne i'm talking about. >> absolutely. and wheaties as well. take a look at the day ahead weather wise. it is cold! glad they had the global warming summit a couple of weeks ago. look at that. 9 below is the current air temperature. when you factor in the windchill it is really, really cold throughout portions of the northern plains. stretches past chicago into the ohio valley.
6:41 am
right now, out at la guardia it is 20 degrees here in new york city. the same for raleigh and atlanta and memphis. look at the freezing temperatures all the way down into the panhandle of the great state of florida right now. 15 is what it is right now in denver. eventually denver will climb out into the 30s and maybe 40 by the airport. it will only be 13 in kansas city. going to be about 38 in dallas. and as you can see, teens and 20s all the way from the great lakes states right through the ohio valley. 30s all the way from new england down through the mid atlantic and down through dixie as well. bitterly cold across florida as the winter weather continues across the united states. even the sunshine state is getting a chill. citrus growers on alert as record cold temperatures move in, threatening florida's huge orange and grapefruit crop. some farmers are using a protective spray on the oranges
6:42 am
to keep them from freezing. the national weather service issued hard freeze warnings for the northern part of florida including the panhandle. florida is the world's second largest grower of oranges. and there you see one of the choppers putting that stuff down. brian, what is happening in football? i can't tell you what is happening in football for the giants because the giants season is over so i might as well, not even tell you what is happening because for me it doesn't mat. come on. >> the playoff field is now set. sunday night football. the jets wrapped up a wildcard spot and blasted cincinnati 37-0 who decided not to try. likely the last game ever at giants stadium. a few hours earlier the baltimore ravens wrapped up the other spot and beat the raiders 21-13. in the nfc, the cow byes beat the eagles. crushed them.
6:43 am
at dallas they lock up the division. look at the playoffs for next week. it is not this week but seems like that. deja vu all over again. the information eagles and cowboys the late night game. packers and the cardinals. the cardinals haven't had a meaningful game in about a month. afc the jets play cincinnati at cincinnati and they promise to try. the patriots host baltimore on sunday and the only game of the weekend that is not a rematch. that is a quick look at what is happening in the world of sports. i guess in the world of football. all right. nba player gilbert arenas could be in serious trouble for bringing unloaded guns to the locker room. >> what was he thinking? >> some people say i'm not taking it seriously but why we did he pressed at home when i can just make myself laugh. >> you crying inside? >> not yet. not. >> the should arenas face any charges and what should they
6:44 am
be? a fair and balanced legal debate, next. and one man just trying to hold on to the land he owns taking -- took on his town and won. easy for me to say. now, the town is trying to take his property for a second time. why a sneaky loophole may let it happen again. >> uh-oh. hey, who's this?
6:45 am
oh, that's kyle. he aced his fifth grade geography class. you see, now that we're using fedex to ship globally, i have to learn all the countries again, so i brought in kyle as a consultant. did you know that we have customers in czechoslovakia? actually, it's called the czech republic. s, kyle, you're a lifesaver. without kyle, i never would have heard of that new country called buttheadistan. shh. [ male announcer ] we undstand. you want to grow internationally. fedex serves over 220 countries and territories.
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now, time for quick headlines from the week day
6:47 am
show. december was the first month in which no u.s. troops were killed in combat. troops in iraq since the invasion began back in 2003. and pope benedict's personal secretary met with the woman who dragged the pope to the ground on christmas eve. woman who pulled him down right there. the secretary visited to express the holy father's interest in her situation. you remember she jumped over a barricade and pulled the pope to the ground right there. brian? >> all right, steve. over the weekend, washington wizards point guard gilbert arenas responded to the allegation that over the weekend he pulled not one but three unloaded guns on a teammate. here to debate that and more, arthur is here and criminal defense attorney jennifer is also here. welcome to both of you. 2010. kick it off with a good fight. first off, is it time to go
6:48 am
after the two as role models or is this something that they should actually do some time? >> brian, if you do did it, if you brought a gun into this studio, if you brought your gun into a work place you are in big trouble. you are talking about a felony crime that in new york especially, plaxico, he set the ball pretty high for stupidity but these guys are doing their best. who brings multiple guns into an nba lockerroom. give me a break. >> and on top of that plaxico shot himself. >> unless a story comes out that he menaced or threatened his teammate with the gun there is probably not charges because the u.s. supreme court ruled that the mere possession of a weapon in d.c. is not a crime. that was in 2008. it is not clear to me that the mere possession of it in his lockerroom unless it is considered a sensitive place like a school perhaps the possession of it but it looks like the possession of it and again, unless the players come out and say he menaced or
6:49 am
threatened somebody with it. >> not criminal violation. >> supposed he is going to go speak to the authorities. i don't know who his lawyer is because maybe he has to be out of his mind to let him speak to somebody. if it comes out that there was a confrontation and the pistol was taken out they will come down on this guy majorly. >> and there could be between 30 and $60,000 involved. involves a card game they were playing on a road trip and one person owed the other person. >> they will all shut up. no one is going to know what went down in the lockerroom and they will not have a credible story to go with to bring charges against them. >> $111 million is his contract. >> right, that is the bigger issue. >> $111 million. and they are pulling guns over 25 grand. that is like a quarter in your pocket for a guy who is making $111 million. that is the height of ste
6:50 am
stupidity. >> i read a report an executive said they estimate as many as a third of nba players bring guns to work with them. that is a league problem. >> that is why i disagree with you and i think they will come down hard on him. the nba, the president of the nba should call the u.s. attorney's office. >> seems like the president of the nb team could be losing his job because he knew about it and didn't tell the nba about it. think about the ramifications there. if it is okay for the $100 million man why can't i do it? >> one of the issues with the u.s. supreme court decision. >> great debate and we will see how this plays out. meanwhile, straight ahead, if at first you don't succeed, try again. that is what town in new jersey is trying to do what it comes to in an attempt to get its hands on someone's private
6:51 am
property. the land owner is not giving up without a fight and we will talk to him next. pastor rick warren asks the congregation for $900,000 in donations because his church was in trouble. did he get it? ring ring ring ring
6:52 am
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check out this story. a new jersey business owner suing the township of bloomfield for the right to keep property he legally owns but this isn't the first time he has had to go through this. three years ago he spent tens of thousands fighting to keep the same property and he won that time around. why is the township trying to seize the property again? joining us is the man in the middlele of this fight and his attorney. good morning, gentlemen. you went through this a couples
6:55 am
ago and spent thousands of dollars of your own money to keep your property that you legally owned. what is the sneaky loophole of why they are coming after you again? >> i think they time they realized the only way to do it is by trying to have somebody else do it for them. in this case it is the parking authority under the guise of public property which would qualify as a use for public domain. it is power given to a group of people appointed by the mayor, not elected to take my property and use it for parking supposedly. >> william, you are the lawyer in this whole thing. the city legally could not take away his property the first time so they are trying to use the loophole now by having a separate agency, so to speak, do it for them. is that legal? >> no, that is not. if all they were doing was building a parking deck that might be legal but instead it is part of a redevelopment project with unhs of units of
6:56 am
housing, commercial, retail and so forth which actually will pay for the parking deck. so it is actually part of the whole redevelopment plan for the area and they want to take his property. they can't do it legally because of a decree from judge costello in 2007 so now they will use the other agency to do it for them. similar to what robert moses did with the triborough bridge authority using that authority to level 00s of buildings in new york city. >> what sort of retroactive payment did you get for all the money in legal fees the first time around? >> i spent tens of thousands of dollars and the omah only thint was the ability to keep my property that i rightfully own anyway. >> and you use this property for what? >> i rent it to a yoga studio. there is a hair dresser this
6:57 am
rents it. i'm a self-employed carpenter. this was going to be my retirement to have some income coming in and apparently the town feels money can be brought in from other ways. >> in these cases would the town pay anthony for the property, taking it over? >> they would pay what they call a fair market value but it is always a legal gun to the head of the property owner. they use an appraisal which always undercuts the actual value and to fight that they have to go to court and all the city has to do is put that money into an escape escaped yu account -- escape escrow accoue court. it is eminent domain abuse. what my partner calls socioeconomic cleansing by government. >> we wish you the best of luck in your continued fight. i know you didn't see this coming the second time around. >> i will keep fighting.
6:58 am
>> hopeful 2010 is as good as 2007 for you. >> it should be the attorney general of new jersey and i'm hopeful that with the new governor and the new attorney general we will see some kind of constitutionalism taking place. >> interesting point. william and anthony, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. airline travelers are less safe today than ever before according to two journalists who are the only ones to actually see the government's no-fly list. wait until you hear what they say is wrong with it and why tsa screeners don't actually work. these people take their obsession with tatoos a little too far. they put ink on six of their kids. is that abuse? we report and you decide.
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
happenmy nehappy new year. it's monday, january 4, 2010. a fox news alert. lots of clues to the christmas day bomber but none were put together so our terror advisors say this. >> there was no smoking gun and no piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist that is going to get on a plane. no, not whatsoever. >> isn't that exactly the same problem as 9/11? what have we learned over the last nine years? we report and you decide. from patdowns to full body scans, airline travelers coming to the u.s. are facing a whole new set of screening procedure as of now but do they go far
7:02 am
enough? plus, pastor rick warren made a plea to his congregation for $900,000 in year end donations. they stood and delivered a whole lot more. we will tell you how much more straight ahead. the first monday of 2010 is best begun with "fox and friends." it's "fox and friends." good morning. >> good morning to you. two minutes after the top of the hour. so much to talk about including the breakdown yesterday's sunday shows. one guest of for the first 20 minutes of every one of the sunday shows was john brennan. his career spanned over republican and democrat administrations. did he sound political yesterday? we will let you decide about that. a fox news alert. security officials say yemeni forces have killed two suspected al-qaeda militants in a raid outside the capital.
7:03 am
the group included a senior figure on yemen abouts most wanted list. he escaped but two fighters with him were gunned down. the clashes come as the u.s. and british embassies in yemen are closed for a second day due to threats from a potential attack from al-qaeda in response to the botched bombing aboard flight 253 in detroit. one of the militants today could be linked to that attempted bombing. newark airport getting back to normal kind of after a terminal was shut down when a man went through security the wrong way yesterday afternoon. and he still hasn't been found even with surveillance video. flights p grounded for six hours. passengers had to be rescreened, thousands of them, causing major headaches. and they told us that they will clean the plane and check out the plane and left. about ten minutes later they said they were clearing out the terminal and clearing out all the planes and then we all came out here. >> the tsa says the terminal
7:04 am
was searched thoroughly before passengers were allowed to board the plane again. we will have a live board from newark airport coming up. a defense attorney for five americans being held in pakistan denies his clients were planning attacks. this is new video of the men in a pakistani court this morning. the men who are all from here, from the u.s., if the washington, d.c. area were arrested in pakistan in december on suspicions that they were traveling to join militant groups. the u.s. is also looking at charging the men. officials in both countries espect the men to eventually be deported back to the u.s. champion snowboarder kevin pierce remains in critical condition with a severe brain injury at a utah hospital. he was training for the olympic trials when landed on his head after doing a back flip. he was wearing a helmet. he is one of the top ranked half pipers in the world.
7:05 am
his parents released a statement thanking the public for their prayers and support. a georgia couple is out on bond after being charged with tatooing six of their children. jacob arnold and patty joe marsh are accused of using a home made tatoo machine to draw crosses on their kids hands from ages 10 to 17 but marsh says no big deal. >> i'm not breaking the skin. i mean it was just right there. it's going to fade-away. it is like a pen mark or something. they wanted it. they asked me. >> marsh says family services removed the kids from their home but have since returned them and those are your headlines. maybe i don't have all the details on that story or not but it doesn't seem like a big deal. those tatoos, a lot of them come right off. >> part of it has to do that you have to be licensed. she says the kids wanted tatoos. i know kids that want ponys.
7:06 am
>> people want both. some kids want tatoos and upon anies. here in the united states if you pay cash for a ticket, an airline ticket, usually down at the bottom of the ticket it has four ss and that means you get the super dooper patdown. here is this guy from nigeria who he pays cash and shows up and has no bags and the suspect's father apparently warned the u.s. embassy with the cia guy in the room listening that his son has gone jihad, apparently this kid had spent time in yemen. he was denied a visa in the united kingdom because apparently he wrote down that he was going to go to a school that did not exist and all this information was known to somebody but apparently it was not known to the same person. is that possible? john brennan, one of the president's super dooper counter terrorism guys said hey, look, there was no smoking
7:07 am
gun. list. >> there was no smoking gun and no piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist and is going to get on a plane. no, none whatsoever. >> even more information that makes you wonder what they were thinking. newsweek this week, hardly somebody used to attacking president obama said there was a meeting between john brennan in august and a man who was almost killed by a body bomber and they said they found it in his underpants and we are concerned you are not focusing on yemen enough and the saudis have taken military action there and provided intelligence to allow us to train the yemenis to do the same thing. could the administration not be oh fussed on terror because you have cap and trade and the fascinating conference in copen copenhagen and the olympics and healthcare legislation. could they say i'm sure the other guys have it and we are focusing on this? >> they made it clear maybe they were going to focus on the
7:08 am
war on terror but weren't going to call it the war on terror. it changed to something most of us couldn't remember for a long time and now i have it in my head. overseas contingency operation. i find it my highly ironic now in 2010 we are back to talking about the war on terror in a big way and whether or not we are actually safe in flying. let's go back to the puzzle piece where you have four big pieces of the puzzle about the underwear bomber guy. four big pieces. there is an interesting editorial in one of the new york papers saying you would only need to have a children's puzzle. not a 5,000 piece puzzle. four big pieces. even one of those might be the smoking gun. >> he used his own name and if he used his own name and he has a problem, he got rejected trying to get into britain because of his contacts at the
7:09 am
university of london. if they have been following him for three years and he did the thing with cash and his dad turned him in and said my son has been radicalized you would think he would make the no fly list. instead he was on the list saying he can still fly but let's keep an eye on him. >> especially after john brennan was told they are going to try something new and try something with bombs in their underwear because they tried to kill me. the particular bomber in saudi arabia, the only reason he didn't kill the prince is because when went into the palace he tripped and blew himself up in one of the rooms before he got to the prince. we told you a month and a half ago or so about down in fort hood and the shooter there had been in contact with a radical cleric in yemen and he had contacts with two of the 9/11 hijackers. apparently the nsa has
7:10 am
intercepted communications between a phone used by this cleric and this particular underpants bomber as well. and alachi has been talking on his blog about posted on his website could yemen be the next surprise of the season and in fact the nsa as well, i believe it is in the washington times today has intercepted communications indicating al-qaeda was planning to use an unidentified nigerian in an attack over the holidays. >> i just worry about the u.s. and travel and everything else because having traveled over the holiday season and going through security for upwards of two or three hours and coming alland still looking ail around and wondering do i feel safer after going through that and watching my children get through a patdown. the answer is no. they are not patting down for what this guy was actually wearing. >> bomb sniffing dogs. >> potentially. i don't know.
7:11 am
>> britain would have helped with their fine intelligence services if they told us what they were doing and that is following this guy for three years. they say every time we were following one of the al-qaeda guys we found out that abdulmutallab was contacting them. loot of the people they had on their list this guy was in contact with. he got really radicalized the beginnings of it was at the university of london. that is when they started seeing him going south so they knew he was trouble for three years and didn't let him in the country but never told us. >> mi 5 knew for three years that he was trouble. and did not extend this information to the united states. jonathan paris from the international center for study of radicalization was on "fox and friends" yesterday talking about this yes topic. >> the problem for the uk is that they have got so many violent extremists so watch and so many plots to watch that they cannot look at the abdulmutallab types who are
7:12 am
kind of in the grey area between simply a radical and a violent extremist. he was flirting with extremism but hadn't crossed the line. >> a lot of people are thinking the u.s. is heading in the britain direction that they will have so many people they are watching that they can't keep their hands on all of them. talk about rick warren. he had the church and he said we are 900 k short for the budget this year and put out a pledge request and guess what, guys. how much money did he get after that request? >> $2.4 million. saddleback church he says is in dire financial condition. one letter and it turns out that people did respond. he says estimated 10% of his congregation is out of work and what i think is also encouraging if you are running the saddleback church is that most of those who donated, it wasn't one big donor. >> it was little donors over the internet and apparently the reason he sent it out was he was heading into the last weekend of the year and he realized wait a minute, our
7:13 am
budget is about 900 million -- $900,000 in the hole. he sent it out. next thing you know, he has plenty dough and starts 2010 in the green. >> and it doesn't go into his pocket. it goes to the poor and a lot of the people that follow the saddleback church are out of money and they want to help them out. >> 13 minutes after the hour. straight ahead. the u.s. embassy in yemen closed for a second day due to terrorist threats. if the country is so unsafe, some people are asking why are we sending gitmo detainees back there. we will have a fair and balanced debate. how would you feel about the stimulus cash that you dished out being spent on tennis courts? believe it or not. it is being done. 30-love. one reason, lubriderm® daily moisture contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. (announcer) lubriderm® moisture matches the moisture in your skin. skin accepts it better. absorbs it better. and has its natural balance restored
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7:16 am
glad you're up. welcome to the new year. the u.s. embassy in yemen closed to are second day after receiving threats from al-qaeda as you know. is president obama's plan to release gitmo detainees back to yemen putting americans at reporting live for no reason? joining us. wayne simmons. a former cia guy and constant contributor here. david, you have 15 guys that you talked to that you are an attorney for. you feel heart oned that the administration is still keeping on track their release schedule, correct? >> yes, i do.
7:17 am
i hope they will. >> and why? you think your guys are innocent and just picked up for the wrong reasons? >> none of my guys are terrorists. these are innocent people who were picked up fleeing afghanistan. many muslims went to afghanistan in the early 2000s and late 1990s because of the humanitarian crises being suffered there and they were called on to help fellow muslims and they went to help teach the koran and deliver charity aid and so forth. >> sound realistic, wayne? >> unfortunately, it is not. 46% of the yemenis -- i'm sorry of the detainees at guantanamo bay are yemeni right now. what the viewers need understand is the analogy would be that during world war ii is that we took the japanese and german prisoners who just killed americans around the world and decided to repatriate
7:18 am
them with their homeland. that is how outlandish this decision is. >> how would you feel if she guys went back to their terror ways, david? >> they weren't in terror ways to begin with so the administration is not -- excuse me. the administration is not releasing them to yemen indiscriminately. it includes a thorough vetting process with the justice department and homeland security department, the u.s. is not returning them to yemen willie nilly. >> you feel as though they were all framed. senator feinstein and senator leiberman as well as congress woman harmon all say let's hold off on returning them. that seems like a pragmatic thing to do, wayne. >> listen, this is -- this is one of those things, brian, and
7:19 am
you have known me for years that really really gets my blood boiling. this is almost where david and he may have his heart in the right place but he is clearly being misled. this -- imagine that we are going to turn the yemenis loose back in yemen, the hot bed of terror and terrorist training and the only reason that the yemeni government is even talking to us is because we bombed them into submission and we give them 70 or 80 or $100 million. we want to make sure that the yemenis that we turn loose from guantanamo bay check in with their probation officers to keep an eye on them. >> how about they can go to the saudi rehab program which includes crayons, water colors and swimming. >> exactly. >> david reid, thanks so much, good luck with your 15 guys. wayne, talk to you soon. >> thanks again. a fox news alert we are following right now. a major airport was locked down after a mystery man slips past security and vanishes. we are live at newark with an
7:20 am
update on the search for him and what the video might show. meanwhile, how do we even get on the no fly list. two journalists who are the only ones to actually see that list say it is a joke and we are more unsafe than ever before. they join us next. discover friskies indoor wet cat food. and unlock the freshness of the outdoors for your indoor cat. fueling an exhilarating adventure... each entree is bursting with high-quality protein... plus wholesome grain and garden greens. specially formulated to promote hairball control... and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. now turn treat time into party time... with friskies party mix cat treats. get the party started! we created our college of business and management...
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7:23 am
this. we have a fox news alert on this monday morning. newark international airport getting back to normal on this morning after a terminal, terminal c was shut down for hours when a man went through security the wrong way. linda schmidt from our affiliate right here in new york city has the very, very latest. linda, they still don't know who this guy is, do they? >> no, they don't. actually, good morning there, guys. they still don't know who this man is. they poured over surveillance video, the tsa did after this whole thing went down about
7:24 am
5:30 last night trying to identify who this guy was. they still don't know who he is and they are still looking for him. this guy actually walked the wrong direction through a security check point area and exit and made it into a secure area of terminal c and as a result of that, nobody realizeing that this happened, they had to shut down terminal c for hours last night. flights were canceled and they had to ground flights for hours and hours and after six hours they were finally able to start rescreening passengers and getting them back on to planes. that was at about midnight last night. they are still looking for this guy. meantime, a lot of chaos and a lot of frustration for the passengers out here. we caught up with some and here is what they had to say to fox. >> waiting now to go back through. waiting for them to open security so we can all go back through. it's absolute chaos. >> the big question here this morning is we have that incident on christmas day.
7:25 am
and then two days later we a guy from florida who boards a flight to la guardia with a firecracker on him and nobody detects that and now this. how did this guy happened to get past security without anybody ever noticing him? and they still haven't found out who it is. that is the latest from here. back to you. >> linda schmidt at newark airport with the latest. thank you, linda. the story adds to the next claims that we are more unsafe than ever before. joe and susan trento, the only journalists to see the government's no fly list are the authors of "unsafe at any altitude ." good morning to both of. >> good morning,. >> this guy's father goes to the embassy and says my son has gone jihad and there is a cia guy there and they wound up sending the information to washington and didn't tell the fbi but they put him on a list. just because you are on a list doesn't really mean much is
7:26 am
going to happen to youngsters u -- to you, right? >> right. and the cia is in a poor position because their job is to go catch al-qaeda, not to protect airline passengers and they had a habit of withholding information. they want to be able to follow them around the world and catch them and that is not in the interest of tsa. so they don't pass on the information to tsa, the people don't get on the no-fly list and we have incidents like this. >> and susan, the two of you were the only journalists who have seen the government's no-fly list. i understand, what is it, saddam hussein is on the list, the president of a country of bolivia is on the list. and muhammad atta was on a list and he got on the plane and we know what happened on september 11th. >> and in the 9/11 terrorists are still on the list. the list was created by everybody just dumping everything into it and, you
7:27 am
know, it is garbage in, garbage out. >> joe, we heard yesterday from john brennan, one of the president's security czars and he said we didn't miss a smoking gun. do you agree with that? >> no. in fact, what i find fascinating about the whole process is the fact that brennan sort of made this alliance with the saudis. and the saudis fundamentally pay for al-qaeda operations. we don't like to deal with that and we don't like to talk about that but they are the ones who fund al-qaeda, their princes. and so it is something we have to deal with. at some point we have to say to the saudis stop doing this. >> and susan, i know you have done some analysis. when you have tsa people versus private security firms doing the security at airports, who does the better job? >> well, the private security companies did a much better job when they do the testing. apples to apples, oranges to
7:28 am
oranges, gun to gun, pipe bomb to pipe bomb, the private companies did 80% or more of the time they would find the weapons that were hidden. the tsa maybe 30 to 50% and often they are told to look for them and they are warned it is coming through and they still can't find them. >> and joe, real briefly, how do you figure out if that is a bomb in somebody's underpants? >> if it gets to the point where they are on the plane with explosives the system already failed as it had this time. tsa, the pilots call a thousand standing around, that is what it amounts to. it is eye candy designed to make us feel better. >> i don't feel better after listening to all that. joe and susan trento, the authors of "unsafe at any altitude." we thank you both for joining flurries d.c. 28 after the top of the hour. straight ahead, brit hume had controversial advice for how tiger woods can recover from his sex scandal.
7:29 am
>> it depends on his faith. he is said to be a buddhist. i don't think that offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption offered by the christian faith. >> more straight ahead. and is anybody up for tennis on the taxpayers' dime. one city is spending stimulus money on refurrished tennisncoe courts. the mayor is here to explain why it is a good use of our tax money. goes deep to heal dry skin at the source. the breakthrough formula wraps and seals more hydration deep inside skin, so after 12 hours, skin's condition is improved 2x more than eucerin original. now i can heal on a deeper level. beautiful. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion. neutrogena skin care. #1 dermatologist recommended.
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7:31 am
fox news alert for you
7:32 am
right now. four u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. nato says the troops were hit by a road side bomb in the southern part of the country. this happened yesterday. no other details have been released. they are the first u.s. combat-related deaths unfortunately in afghanistan this year. last year, 304 u.s. military deaths in afghanistan. the number of chinese companies defying the u.s. in doing business even though they are violating u.s. sanctions. the companies banned from doing business in the u.s. because they allegedly sold missile technology to iran. but the "wall street journal" reviewed shipping records and found many ever still doing business here anywhere. chinese precision machinery made more than 300 illegal shipments to the u.s. since it was banned back in 2006 and there are more examples. call that a smoking gun, okay. fed chairman ben bernanke says lax government regulations led to the housing crisis and enshoing economic slump, not low interest rates.
7:33 am
during a speech to the american economic association, bernanke suggested more regulations are needed to prevent another financial catastrophe. however, if adequate reforms are not made, or they are made but prove insufficient to prevent dangerous buildups in financial risks we must remain open to using monetary policy as a supplemental rule for addressing the risks. >> and better nanc bernanke suy may raise rates over the months. >> if you don't get health insurance the irs may come knocking at your door or your glass table. irs agents will be the ones making sure that u.s. citizens are insured injuries those without insurance will have to
7:34 am
pay a penalty. the agency will distribute as much as $140 billion a year in new government subsidies to hope small employ ers and low income people pay for coverage. mitt romney getting ready to promote his new book called no apology, the case for american greatness. the former ms. . governor will visit at massachusetts governor will visit at least 1 states including the first stop iowa. iowa is the first state to hold presidential caucuses. many speculate romney may be the frontrunner for the nomination. it is until clear if it will visit other early states like, new hampshire, and north carolina in his tour. the book due out march 2nd. anded to, my one on one interview with mitt and ann romney kicks off tomorrow and continues into monday. >> ann romney rides horses very well. mitt does as well. they ride different styles.
7:35 am
ann does it as her therapy for multiple cirrhosi sclerosis. the forecast. a little bit of storm activity moving through no,s of the pacific northwest and lingering snow flurries from new england and for the most -- have for the most part gone out to sea. for the most part the 48 states ever nice and dry and really cold. right now the air temperature in minneapolis is 9 degrees below zero. and right now in chicago a balmy 8. kansas city 5. you can see, it is bitterly cold across the country. warm spots are out in california and -- warm. you know, respectively. in southern portions of florida, in the 40s. today's day time highs eventually will climb up into the single digits in portions of the northern plains.
7:36 am
it will be freezing in new york city and that will be the high. the same for memphis and atlanta. half that in kansas city. out west, temperatures in the 20s and 30s for the most part. but the high today in minneapolis just 9. look at these freezing conditions. we have some video. in eden prairie, minnesota, and this is just from yesterday. when the going gets tough, the tough go jogging. >> minnesotans are tough. >> a little lake right there. good time to go ice fish are for some lunatics. the dogs love it out there. it is cold. but hot in redskin land, brian. >> gretchen, your interview is one on to. you are taking on two people. >> we sat down with and romney first. it is one on two eventually. >> thank you. >> and then one on one the other way. >> that means one on four. >> and the horse. >> so it is one on four.
7:37 am
>> let's see who wins. a fox news alert from the sports world. the redskins have already fired the coach after a four year season. former broncos coach mike shanahan considered the frontrunner to replace him. time for my best. the last game of the season. we are done after this. best quarterback, no doubt about it. brett favre. 25 for 31 with four touchdowns and no interceptions as the vikings walked all over the giants who basically put on their uniform and foregot how to play football. 44-7. they now have the second seed in the nfc playoffs despite dropping three of the four going in. running back of the year. no one thought this. chris johnson. some thought too small to play big time. wrong. the tennessee titans running back became the 6th running back ever to rush for more than 2,000-yards in a season. he got 2006 thanks to 134 on
7:38 am
the ground in the win over the seahawks. next slide. go to the snow. as he slides into the endzone. the bills beat the colts jv team, 30-7. the colts rest up for the playoffs. the best way to close out a stadium award. the jets do it at giants stadium. they blew out cincinnati. final score, 37-0. the jets are in. they travel to play cincinnati in cincinnati next week. we are happy because floor manager joel who is a jet fan will at least smile someone during the show. an unbelievable ending at the florida, north carolina, basketball game. chandler parson hits the 75 to win the game. that will make it really hard to study afterwards. take a look at this. takes the shot against the gators. a 62-61 win and that is what is happening in the world of sports. i'm going to read this, too. brit hume who has never been in my sportscast and it is long
7:39 am
overdue because he is a good athlete. had advice for tiger woods. all after the alleged affairs he says well, i have some advice for you and might raise some eyebrows. >> to the extent to which he can recover depends on his faith. he is said to be a buddhist. i don't think that offers the forgiveness given by the christian faith. tiger, turn to the christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world. also, elin evans tently told her friends tiger gave me a $300 million present for christmas. half of his fortune as the prenup says. also there is a report, too, that she did not let him see his kids on christmas which i think is illegal. >> in that report she said she didn't feel he is stable enough to be alone with the children. >> but she is not a doctor. can you do that?
7:40 am
meanwhile, coming up, no tiger talk, simply center jim demint and mike baker is the cia guy who might have a thing to say about the yemenis at gitmo and whether they should go back. new security rules go in effect for all passengers on u.s. bound international flights. our wjzk affiliate is live at detroit metropolitan airport with the latest. i experienced some this of coming in from a foreign country yesterday as far as the patdowns, right? >> that is right. you are talking about the patdowns. in addition to the patdowns there is list of 13 countries and if you are fly in from those countries you get the full body scanning and you will have your carryon luggage checked more than once. it will be thoroughly checked. where are the countries and win ones are these? talking about state sponsors of terrorism. those sudan, syria, iran, and
7:41 am
cuba is included in that list by the state department even though we don't have flights coming in from cuba. another list as well. coming in from any one of these countries. countries of interest. afghanistan. algeria, iraq, lebanon, libya, yemen and, of course, nigeria as well. nigeria is where the suspected terrorist umar farouk abdulmutallab is originally from. if you are from that country as well expect enhanced security as well. we will are talking about the patdowns and body scans. and this behavioral specialists that are out and about right now and they are at every airport throughout america and they are basically undercover and looking at suspicious behavior. that's right. >> all right, thanks very much. >> what they are doing right now. >> that is pretty comprehensive. i i was amazed the little puff
7:42 am
thing could find out if you have touched explosives. >> forego all the security checks and have bomb sniffing dogs at the gate. >> they can't smell a knife. >> that's true. okay. straight ahead. >> okay. >> you have the answer for everything. >> get ready tore long lines because that is what it will be now. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. we knew the movie "avatar" was going to do well at the box office but you won't believe the record it just busted. and one city is going to spend thousands of dollars in stimulus funds on tennis courts. born on this day in 1937. this actress is known for her marriage to cary grant. who is she? be the first with the answer. i think it's madonna. it's so nice to have company after the accident.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
just over one billion bucks is how much the money "avatar" has pulled in worldwide at the box office. only the fifth movie to make that much dough. all right. montana wants to play tennis on your dime. the city commission authorized the use of nearly $50,000 of federal stimulus funds for rubber tiled tennis courts. a nice chunk of the $621,000 that the city received from the stimulus package. they want to fix up the tennis courts there. bozemaneputy mayor of bozeman says the money is well spent. can you understand how some people were thinking i want to be building roads and extending train tracks, not building courts. how is this helping the
7:47 am
economy? >> we are putting people to work and what that is one of the things that congress asked us to do when we distributed the money. as far as i'm concerned the day that congress passes and they send out to the states a balanced budget for the federal government i will be knocking on doors ratifying that but that isn't is the world that we live in. the federal government gives money to the states and the state legislature appropriates money to the cities and towns and the governor approves that and we ask your con at this timents what it -- constituents what it is they want. >> and we understand that there are a lot of people there in bozeman who love to play tennis and makes sense to you. you mentioned it creates job. what i read in your local paper up there is that the company that is going to do the job is from minneapolis so is that really stimulating jobs for
7:48 am
people in boss man. >> people move bozman from all over the country and all over the world for outdoor recreation. the material is made in st. louis and distributor is in minneapolis. most of the work to prep the courts and prep the park project will be done by local people. so, yeah, they think it works just fine. remember, this is a small part of the appropriation we got from the legislature that the governor signed and approved. >> the governor doesn't agree with this particular thing. the governor doesn't appear to agree with this particular project. the governor had this to say. let me read his quote and then i will get you to respond. i'm asking the city of bodeman and other local government to follow my lead in cutting nonessential spending. >> i get it that if the fed gives you monitoring i, yeah, you know, you have been authorized to spend it and why
7:49 am
wouldn't you want to improve the town that you represent. some people are scratching their heads with the whole tennis court project because of what steve said that the jobs may not be coming from your actual town. >> well, the first thing i would say is the governor approved it. the bill was passed in the legislature and the governor approved the bill and didn't veto the bill and had the language in there for this project and then he sent me with letter and i got a letter with his picture and name at the bottom approving these specific projects so the governor approved it before he disamoved it. aapproved it. i ask my con at this tim consto you think is important. we went to the capital improvements project fund and looked at what it is that is next in line to be done and picked the things that would save local taxpayer money and we picked those projects already in the pipeline. and i would say again quite a bit of the work is being done
7:50 am
by local people who are going to prep the work. not everything is made in montana so sometimes we have to buy something from some where else. this is an american product and an american company and we are putting americans to work. >> you have beautiful scenery there man made right behind you. thanks for being our guest today. >> thank you for having me. >> all right, straight ahead on this monday morning. >> we have seen the disturbing headlines including charlie sheen allegedly attacking his wife, rihanna being beaten by her then boyfriend chris brown. but domestic violence doesn't just happen to celebrities. one couple lost their daughter due to domestic violence. they decided to do something about it and how it could save lives, next. on this state, utah admitted as a state. and back in 1988, the number one song that you will be singing all day long "faith" by
7:51 am
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7:54 am
actually knew the answer to this one which doesn't happen often. dyan cannon. the winner is pam gilley in carlsbad, new mexico. congratulations. >> domestic violence grabbing national eye tension after the incident between chris brown and rihanna and most recently a fight between charlie sheen and his wife brook who made this 911 call. >> my husband had me with a knife and i'm scared for my life and he threatened me. >> are you separated right now?
7:55 am
>> right now we have people that are separating us but i have to file the report. >> are there other people there and does he still have the knife? >> yeah, he still does. >> and we are joined by parents who know the impact of domestic violence all too well. elsa and jim croucher's teenage daughter teen that wa tina wasr ex-boyfriend. the law they helped to promote, adds teenage dating violence education into high schools. >> you reached out to somebody who had gone through somebody similar in the state of rhode island and came up with the idea to have a program in schools to teach kids about teen violence, right, jim? >> yes, we have been since our daughter's death we have been speaking in high schools and colleges throughout the state and we spoke to close to 80,000 young people and then when we
7:56 am
heard that mrs. burke in new hampshire had this legislation passed and we said we have got to do something in this state and we have worked hard along with a lot of other people to get this legislation passed. >> so elsa, on december 28th, the governor signed this bill into law in ohio. what it does is that it mandates that all kids in high school in ohio from 7th grade to 12th grade in the health classes will be learning about teen violence and domestic violence in dating, right? >> that is correct. >> and why do you feel that this is so important? obviously this was not anywhere in the curriculum when your daughter tina was going through high school. >> it was not. we feel it is very important because young people do not understand what dating violence involves. how many facets there are.
7:57 am
they just do not have a clue as to what they are dealing with. >> well, we have seen seen with adults who are in domestic violence situations where they go back to the relationship. what better way, jim, than to try and educate our young people before they get into those situations, right? >> that is what we have felt since our daughter was murdered. we didn't know anything about toe mess tick violence or teen dating -- about domestic violence or teen dating violence but we learned people. if we can take our young people and teach them and make them aware this will have a long-term effect on domestic violence issues. if we want to correct a problem we need to go to our young people. >> to get to them before it is too late. we are sorry for your loss but now in tina's memory so many hundreds of thousands of kids in the state of ohio will be learning about domestic violence. a happy new year to you. what a fantastic program. thank you very much for your efforts.
7:58 am
>> happy new year to you. >> thank you very much. >> he says no more gitmo detainees should be sent back to yemen and says the administration is withholding information. the top republican on the senate intelligence committee kit bond joins us at the top of the hour. remember the muslim teen who was afraid her parents might kill her because she was too westernized and had become a christian? we will talk to the lawyers from both sides in the case. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. sfx: coin drop sfx: can shaking when you own a business, nothing beats the sound of saving time and money.
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good morning, everyone. a very happy new year to you. it's monday, january 4, 2010. thanks for sharing your time today. a fox news alert, one of the nation's busiest airport locked down after a man walks through a security checkpoint going the wrong way. check out what happened. this morning authorities still can't find him. the latest in a live report. >> senator bonsais it's time for the united states to go on the offensive against the terrorists. in yemen and beyond. >> this is war and it is time that we reacted to the war attacks that are coming at us. >> that man, senator bonn, joins us in less than five minutes. some say many of today's kids are too overweight. their too overmedicated and flat out disrespectful. is that the parents' fault? we'll report the story and you decide. our slogan this hour comes from maybe a child, linda in illinois, fox and friends starts another great year with news that's concise bound.
8:02 am
welcome back to the couch. hope you had a great holiday, new year's eve. we're all together for the first time in a long time and we all did some traveling. >> a lot of socializing domestically. everyone wanted to have me over for a little while and asked me to leave. my family is exhausted. >> i thought it was weird at that family function where they did the strip search on you. that's weird. >> yeah. because the dogs were sick, so they had to pat me down. >> did you feel included, 'cause we all got patted down? >> yeah. any time i'm being touched, i'm happy. everyone had a week to return their stuff. either wear it or make a decision to hold it or pass it on. >> thank you very much. that was consumer/fashion advice thank you. let's go back to the travel nightmare. newark airport is getting back to normal after a terminal was evacuated when a man went
8:03 am
through security the wrong way and authorities still have no idea who or where this guy is. passenger high school to be rescreened, causing major chaos. >> after somebody, we didn't see the guy, but they were yelling out, 10-9, everybody freeze. nobody move. >> there were people with babies, they had no water for them. we haven't been given any water. >> flights were grounded for six hours. valley a live report with -- we'll have is a live report coming up. new video out of yemen where security at the u.s. embessie is tight. the u.s. and british embassies closed for a second day due to threats from al-qaeda. they will review security positive tour on a daily basis and may suspend operations from time to time. earlier today, yemeni forces killed two al-qaeda militants in a raid outside the capital. al-qaeda is threatening to strike back in retaliation for a botched christmas day bombing on
8:04 am
flight 253 above detroit. new video of president obama and the first family heading back to the white house from hawaii where they spent 11 days on vacation. they're due to land later this morning and then he'll have is a bunch of meetings about homeland security. a man suspected of killing four family members on thanksgiving, behind bars this morning thanks to america's most wanted. a motel owner was watching the show when he saw a picture of paul mereheg and knew that's actually staying at his hotel. >> saw him on tv and it's a good thing because i didn't see him before that. so that's when we called the tip line and the marshals came and took care of him. >> he's accused of gunning down his twin sister, elderly aunt and six-year-old cousin. it happens once a decade and the advertising for the 2010 census kicks off today. the population count is being
8:05 am
touted with an unprecedented $340 million promotional blitz. the goal is to encourage people to respond to the ten question form. the portrait of america road tour will hit towns coast to coast through april. those are your headlines. we're paying to promote the census? >> we got to. that's in the constitution. everyone has to count in. if everyone would sign in, it would make it easier. >> in that promotional blitz. >> old english. >> let's talk about this, security blitz. if you traveled through one of america's airports or an international flight into america, the security over the last couple of days has really intensified, all because, as that northwest flight was landing in detroit, the guy tried to blow up his underpants. he had a bomb sewn into his underwear. now, as you look at all of the signs, you realize, wait a minute. he paid cash.
8:06 am
he had no luggage. his dad said that the kid had gone on a jihad. there was a c.i.a. guy in the room when the dad said it, but the information, as you can see in the lower right-hand corner, not shared with the c.i.a. but john brennan, c.i.a. czar -- >> they call him advisor. >> -- for the president said there were snips, but no information. >> there was no smoking gun that said he was a terrorist. none whatsoever. >> isn't that the whole point of post-9-11? can you believe it's been nine years since 9-11 happened? isn't that the whole point, that there was no smoking gun with that whole debauchle as well. so one would think that after nine years of really looking into all of this, that maybe we have moved a bit forward in the way in which we can find people who may actually be terrorists. there were all these signs as steve mentioned. so many people asking maybe the administration was too distract to do put all these pieces
8:07 am
together because they were really embroiled in health care reform and cap and trade and all those other things. >> right. here is former governor of new jersey, tom kane, who is also one of the authors of the 9-11 report, talking about terrorists, what we just missed and how it could be in the long run, a good thing. >> we had an administration which was not focused as it should be on terrorism and that's understandable. they're focused on health care, global warming and the economy. that's very understandable. secondly, we weren't really focused on yemen and the terrible things that are happening there. now we are. that's a good thing. >> by the way, he will be joining us in just about ten minutes. so even though we had all those big puzzle pieces, nobody in the government connected the dots, which is what was supposed to happen after 9-11. yesterday on fox news sunday, john brennan, the assistant to the president for homeland security, revealed the administration is still open to discharging gitmo prisoners back
8:08 am
to yemen. >> we're going to be looking at this, working close with the yemeni government and insuring that these security measures are put in place as we address the security situation on the ground. >> so he pretends, that when these guys go back to yemen, if they're released back to their country, they may not go to prison. he'll pretend there wasn't a huge jail break in 2006. he's going to pretend like the bombers out of prison and are at loose and are high ranking commanders and know a lot about our inner workings. unbelievable we'll feel secure. these two guys dug out of the prison. the other time there was word they never locked the prison doors. >> many lawmakers are calling for a halt on the release of detainees to places that could be safe havens for terror. one of those lawmakers is missouri senator kit bonn on the senate intelligence committee. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> when you heard the comments yesterday from brennan, what was
8:09 am
your reaction? i heard it yesterday, but say it again today. >> i was stunned. if there is one thing that we should have learned, it's when the bush administration tried the experiment of returning some of the gitmo detainees, they figured who were the least committed and most susceptible to rehabilitation back to yemen, saudi arabia and other countries, turned out to be a huge mistake. now we've seen it's a mistake. we should not be releasing these hardened gitmo terrorists back to other countries. they need to be kept in gitmo and i believe we need to keep gitmo. >> yeah. and in fact, i think back in 2008 was the last time we had hard information about it. but 61 of the guys who had been released from gitmo went back into the terrorism business. so it doesn't make much sense to think okay, we're going to let them go and they're all new and improved because in your estimation, would they go back to jihad against the people who
8:10 am
kept them in prison? >> steve, that's good old midwestern logic. that's the way people think back home. and we know that's the fact. we know that these people who are returned, who have been committed terrorists all their lives, use whatever subterfuge they can to get out and get back and get back to their evil deeds. now, you brought up one other point. we only know the number of detainees who returned to the battlefield through 2008. in december, i wrote to the director of national intelligence saying, what is the record for 2009? they kept it classified. i said, we need to know at least on the oversight committee, but more important, the people of america need to know how many more of these gitmo returnees have come back to the battlefield. >> i want to read you another
8:11 am
element and that is what happened to this 23-year-old after his pants went on fire and didn't blow up. he was talking immediately, now he's a criminal defendant. here is what john brennan said when asked by chris wallace many times, why did you not treat him as an enemy combatant. listen? >> there were people arrested during the previous administration, richard reed, the shoe bomber, others, all were charged and tried in criminal court and sentenced, some cases to life if prison. just because somebody is going to be put into the criminal legal process does not mean that we don't have other opportunities to get information from them. >> did we miss an opportunity to put him in a different status to be able to give us more intelligence than he can now because if he's not talking now, he's been lawyered up. >> huge mistake. and that business over the bush administration did it is sort of like the dog ate my homework. i'm tired of hearing that. let's learn from the mistakes of
8:12 am
the past. when we tried some of these other terrorists, like the blind sheik and others, the lawyers managed to get classified information that they turned back to the terrorists and they tipped off osama bin laden. we should have tried abdul in a military tribunal. if they get any information out of him now, he's been lawyered up and shut up by his lawyer. it will probably take months or years before they come up with a plea deal. >> senator bonn, real quick, they said the department of justice determined this is the best way. who is the president? who makes the rules? >> unfortunately, that's still a question. i think they're going back on working on campaign promises, on what they were going to shut down gitmo and release all these poor misguided islamists and now we need to learn that we have to keep our country safe. they have declared war on us. >> the war on terror still
8:13 am
exists. >> you bet. >> and whatever you call it, overseas contingent operation, it's around. keeping everyone busy on capitol hill. thanks for being our guest. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, he's a former nfl player, now a pastor at one of the largest churches in the country and now says you can use the new year to make a positive change in your entire community with the smallest of steps.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
president obama's first year in office has focused on health care, unemployment, climate control, but has the president spent too much time concentrating on his domestic agenda and not enough combating terrorism. >> joining us is the former new jersey governor and former 9-11 commission chairman, tom cane, joining us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think? do you think the administration, up until ten days ago, was spending too much time purring health care and climate change and stuff like that and left their eye off the ball when it came to terrorism? >> well, it's understandable, they were distracted by so many other things. this is one ball you can't take your eye off. you've got to really make it a priority no matter what else is in your agenda, protecting the american people should be number one. >> governor, if some guy,
8:17 am
23-year-old from nigeria in yemen, buys a ticket in ghana and goes to nigeria, flies to the u.s., is it too much to ask that we could possibly be tracking him? is that a needle in the hay stack, in your mind? >> no, it's not. you had a piece of other information, probably a number of pieces we don't even know about yet. the president said we made a terrible mistake. i think we did. you got to connect the dots. the same thing we said after 9-11. if we connected the dots then, the intelligence agency high school shared information, there was a good chance you may have been able to stop the plot of 9-11. this is the same thing. there is a lot of pieces of information, the intelligence didn't share them and as a result of that, this guy got through and we're lucky he didn't kill a lot of people. >> we were talking this morning about how apparently when this guy's dad in nigeria in the u.s. embassy said, my kid has gone
8:18 am
jihad. there is a c.i.a. guy in the room. he sent the information, there is his father right there. he sent the information to washington, d.c., but it wound up in the dead letter file because the c.i.a. never told the f.b.i here we are, years later after 9-11, i know you spent a couple of years looking at this. it's all about connecting the dots. then you got brennan yesterday saying, there was no smoking gun. >> well, a bunch of smoking guns. you have to connect them. if his father, i mean, think of the courage it took for that father to turn in his own son and somebody of that prominence in that country, i mean, that alone, if there hadn't been anything else alone, that should have set off alarm bells. >> the governor, 90% of these terrorists are men, islamic men between 20 and 30. why are we pretending that all of us should get equal training? shouldn't we just tell f you're 20 to 30-year-old islamic male, expect to be delayed. we have to profile.
8:19 am
>> profiling is part of it, no question about that. i don't think we should do it just on that basis, but when there are a couple of things, and in addition to those things, somebody is a young islamic male, then we should look at them very, very hard, harder than anybody else and make sure they're not there to do us any harm. >> are you pro body scan? >> i think it's fine. i don't think it's the most important thing we should be doing. the most important thing is stopping them even before it gets to body scan. body scan won't do any harm if it will make us safer. >> because they will stop at nothing to get us. right? >> these are intelligent people and they're evil people and their whole purpose in life is to do us harm. so we've got to do everything we can on our side to prevent it from happening and i think this guy may have done us a favor. look, for the first time here, we're looking at the problems in yemen, for the first time the administration is really concentrating on this. for the first time we're redoing
8:20 am
airplane safety. so maybe we were very lucky and maybe it's a good thing. >> i think so, too. thanks. always great talking to you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead. >> rifka berry still fighting to stay away from her family, fearing for her life because she converted from islam to christianity. we're going to talk to lawyers on both sides of the rifka berry case next. >> the way to fix the stupid things kids do is fix the stupid things their parents do. #
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
23 minutes after the top of the hour this monday and here are your news headlines. a milestone for u.s. troops. december marked the first month in which no u.s. troops were killed in combat in iraq since the invasion began in 2003.
8:24 am
and an all-out on-line blitz has been launched to find missing utah mother susan powell. friends and family using facebook, twitter and you tube to spread information, pictures of powell, who disappeared on december 7. gretchen. >> thank you, steve. religious run away rifka berry fighting to stay away from her muslim parents who she fears will kill her for convert to go christianity. and now there is new allegations that the pastor who helped rifka flee her home knew he was breaking the law. so what's the real truth and what should happen next in this case? for a fair and balanced debate, we're joined by the former attorney for rifka berry's father and personal advisor to rifka berry. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what is going on here, john? i know you've been following this case from the very beginning. apparently there is another court hearing on january 19 to determine whether or not rifka should be a dependent or not. but what is going on in the
8:25 am
whole scope of things? will she be returned to her family or not? >> the primary issue in this case is rifka berry became a christian. she was hidden for four years and she was discovered on facebook by the local mosque who put pressure on her parents to then threaten her. and so her life, we believe, is in danger. she's in custody in the state of ohio and there will be a dependency hearing to determine whether there is a conflict great enough to be declared a dependent and separated from her parents 'til she turns 18 next year. >> i know you used to represent her father, mohammed. why do you no longer represent him? >> basically the florida case is over. he lost the case and the trial was sent back to ohio as we always maintained it should be. now just to clarify something, first of all, i myself and mr. roger, was a non-muslim, very experienced attorney in florida. we were pro bono and so is the
8:26 am
other attorney. he continues to call us her attorneys and that's false. he knows it. now, it is really sad that the political exploitation of this child continues in ohio. mrs. sendberger, obviously a political animal and has a clear agenda has recruited some people in ohio who are continuing the bigotry in the dependency court in ohio. the goal is always reunification. that's the goal. and brian smith, who is the church administrator for global revolution church, where the pastor used to work, has filed an affidavit that mr. stenberger doesn't want to talk about. >> let me read that quote and i want to give john a chance to rebut. here is the quote from brian smith. she did say, rifka berry, her father was mad, very angry and he picked up the computer and was going to smash it. she never said he was going to kill her. she said he told her, you are dead to me. john, now we have this as an
8:27 am
affidavit that maybe her life was not in danger, according to at least this one source. but i want you to comment on that and also what cheyenne said about you personally. >> i couldn't disagree more. >> let me allow mr. stenberger to respond. >> sure. >> i couldn't disagree with him more. first of all, there are photographs on-line of the berry parents meeting with officials in august of last year. why the attorney was actually representing them. there were two fund-raisers held by the mosque to raise attorney fees. i'm not sure where that money is going to. the associated press just last week indicated that the lore recognize have no charges against them for housing rifka berry.
8:28 am
this is a methodist pastor that's very respected in the orlando community and did what anybody would do. took in a girl to protect her because she said her life was being threatened by the local islamic community in the greater columbus area. >> obviously it's a complicated story. i'll give you ten seconds to respond 'cause i'm out of time. >> most reasonable people actually will not behave in that manner. mr. stenberger is again wrong about me being paid by anybody. secondly, there are three agencies, including the ohio police, the ohio -- franklin county children's service and law enforcement that have cleared these parents again and again, mr. stenberger does not like that, so he continues to go on tv, lie about the parents, attack them personally, attack anybody who is basically doing their job defending them, and basically at this point has lost the case. >> obviously there is two sides to this story. the next hearing will be january 19. we will continue to follow it to see what happens to this teenage girl. >> i'll be happy to return and say some more things about it.
8:29 am
>> all right. we look forward to that. thank you. i have to wrap it up. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the government already overhauling the rules for wall street and bailing out car makers and insurance giants. now the head of the fed says even more regulation is needed to avoid a financial disaster. some people are saying really? and where should the accused underwear bomber be tried? the obama administration wants to treat him like an everyday criminal and not an enemy combatant. is that the right move? e-mail us right now. outwitter as well.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
so far, the guy who tried to detonate the bomb in his underwear in that flight as it was landing in detroit has been charged with assembling an explosive device and it had 80-grams of petn in it, explosive device. it surely would have blown a great big hole inside that airplane. all right. we don't know exactly what charges he'll eventually face, but we do know this, he's not going to wind up as an enemy combatant. they've already decided that. >> no. he'll have rights like all the rest of us because he'll be charged as a criminal and that's essentially what you're given when you're tried in criminal court. so what has happened? since he was given that right, he's not talking anymore because he's lawyered up. is that the best way to fight the war on terror? yesterday brennan, mr. brennan, one of the top advisors to the
8:33 am
obama administration on the war on terror, was questioned by our own chris wallace. >> let me ask you specifically, after abdulmutallab got lawyered up, did he stop cooperating with authorities? did he stop talking? >> i'm not going to address exactly what he did before or after he talked with his lawyer. we got information, we continued to have opportunities to do that. >> why not treat him? you certainly have the right. still have the right to treat him as an enemy combatant. why not do that. if he has more actionable intelligence about future attacks and you say there is a real possibility of that, doesn't the president have a responsibility to do everything legal he can to get that information? >> the president has a responsibility and the department of justice makes the determinations about what's the best tool to use. and in this instance, we felt that was the best way to address mr. abdulmutallab's case. >> briefly, what's the down side of treating him as an enemy combatant? >> there are no down sides or upsides in particular cases. we're trying to make sure we
8:34 am
apply the right tools and right instance. in this case, we made a determination that he should be tried in u.s. criminal court. >> here is what the president said, we are at war with al-qaeda. there is an al-qaeda element in yemen called al-qaeda in the saudi arabia peninsula. this guy is there because he feels as though he's a foot soldier for that method and that ideology and he's trying to hurt us as a country and our people. you have plenty there to work with if you want to have him as an enemy combatant. what is it going to do for the people who want to be terrorist as soon as is it going to link them that much for a guy to declare war on us. why do we have to worry about how it's perceived by the rest of the world if we declare war on them? why does that matter? >> i thought it's extraordinary that as soon as they grabbed the guy, they didn't -- okay, how many more are there? how many more guys have bombs
8:35 am
sewn in their underwear. they didn't. they gave him all the protections as a u.s. citizen. >> that's a different line of philosophy between the old administration of the bush policies and the obama administration which obama made very clear that he was going to be different from president bush. even going so far as to not calling it the war on terror. we saw this now with the gitmo detainees coming up to new york city to be tried. they're also given rights of a criminal court. so this seems to be the theme of the way in which terrorists, some people see as terrorists, will be tried in the u.s. >> i think he's a terrorist. all right. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. some headlines, five americans will spend 14 more days in prison in pakistan. they are accused of planning to carry out terrorist attacks in that country and trying to join militant groups. this is new video of them heading to court this morning. the men were from the washington, d.c. area and could face life in prison if convicted.
8:36 am
a man says they were trying to help muslims being victimized by western forces over there. okay. that makes sense. iran says several foreigners arrested were lead ago, quote, psychological war against the system. they were picked up on december 27, eight people killed in those clashes. meanwhile, dozens of professors from tehran university are appealing to iran's people leader to stop the violence against ongoing protesters. i'm not sure that will work. >> fed chairman ben bernanke says lax government regulations led to the housing crisis and the economic slump. not the low interest rates. during a speech to the american economic commission, he suggested more regulations are needed to prevent another financial crisis. >> all effort should be made to strengthen our financial system to prevent a crisis. and cushion the effect if another crisis occurs. >> he signaled that the fed may raise rates in the coming months. >> champion, snowboarder kevin pierce remains in critical condition with a severe brain
8:37 am
injury at a utah hospital. pierce was training for next week's olympic trials when he landed on his head after doing a back flip. he was wearing a helmet. the 22-year-old native of vermont is one of the top ranked half pipers in the world. his parents released a statement thanking the public for their prayers and support. >> new developments in the tiger woods sex scandal. elin woods was joking with pals about how much tying there are have to pay her. she was heard telling friends that he gave her a $300 million christmas present. she reportedly refused to let tiger see their two kids over christmas, saying he's not stable enough right now. tiger is reportedly staying at the trump international building in new york city, but a lot of people say that's not the case. >> is mitt romney dropping hints about his political future? he's ready to promote his new book. the former massachusetts governor will visit at least 18 states, including iowa where the
8:38 am
first presidential caucus is held. many speculate he may be the front runner for the 2012 republican presidential nomination. it's not clear yet if romney will visit other early presidential states, like new hampshire and south carolina during his tour. his book out march 2. tomorrow on january 5, my one on one interview with mitt romney and ann romney. you see she uses horse riding as her therapy for multiple sclerosis. that will start tomorrow and conclude on wednesday. >> we'll watch for that. let's watch the mercury drop. first we'll see where the rain is dropping and for the most part, it's only in the pacific northwest. the balance of the country at this hour, 5838 in -- 8:38 is dry. but man, it's cold out in kansas city. right now it's 3. it's 8 in chicago. but minneapolis beats them all at 9 below 0.
8:39 am
that's the air temperature. the wind chill is much, much cooler. 20s all the way from the ohio valley right through the big northeastern corridor. right now it's only 18 in atlanta. it's 21 in memphis and 26 in dallas. things are going to warm up a bit today. not for minneapolis. they'll be stuck below 10. 9 will be the high. 19 in chicagoland. two dozen in cleveland. it will be freezing in new york city. memphis eventually 30 and 36 today in raleigh. in tampa, eventually 53. but as we take a look at some video, there was a hard freeze warning for portions of florida. did you see that ice on that tree? clearly it threatens the citrus crop. florida, one of the world's biggest citrus and strawberry producers, what they've been doing to make sure that -- and there is some chopper activity, one of the other things they do to keep the crops from freezing.
8:40 am
all right. 21 minutes before the top of the hour, brian? >> thanks. this is the year to make your life count. we are joined by somebody who is saying that is his mantra and wrote a book. we're joined by a former guest of ours and a former nfl player, author of do something, and he's also senior pastor at the rock church in san diego. miles mcpherson. you have the book right there. that's pretty much the handbook to take action. a lot of people say, if i don't have $1 million, how do i make a big impact. do you have examples? >> this book is full of stories of regular people doing incredible things for other people who are hurting. there are thousands of elderly people shut in their homes with no one to visit them. thousands of kids in foster care wondering what will happen when they age out. women are walking the streets selling their body and other people who have the needs and the resources to help those people. this book is stories of people doing incredible, simple things
8:41 am
for everyday people who are crying out to god for help. >> some of those things you did. for example, you have an illustration to share. >> this year, in 2009, our church committed 100,000 hours of volunteer service to our mayor. we have $179 million deficit in san diego. a definite sit is really a quality of life issue. because of that deficit, people aren't having their needs met. we have people who clean up park, painted rec centers, painted toys and apparatus in parks. we did all these things for people in the community. one lady who was raped by her former husband, she started a ministry for victims of domestic violence. all of these people doing incredible things. >> what you hear about more and more, cuts in states and counties and the federal government, and you also see things like toys for tots were down this year. people were going out and getting the presents. yet there was more of a need. you're saying volunteerism more than ever, it has to happen. >> we partner with 24 churches two weeks before christmas and gave 10,000 toys to over 8300
8:42 am
people who stood in line all morning in the rain. we gave 200,000 articles of clothing. the need is incredible. but the great thing is that there are people out there with resources that they have that can meet the needs of other people. a lot of people, people who have -- a lot of times, people who wasn't through hard times, we have a woman who went through cancer, because of the experience of chemo, she's going to hospitals and helping cancer patients get medicine, wash clothes, cook, get their treatment. >> a lot of people saying how do i help? they've never been to a hospital, they never saw a child with cancer or a wing there. how do they go about it? >> do something is the web site where you can get ideas. we have videos on-line where you can watch the videos and learn how to do these things. churches can also organize their entire church to go through this curriculum. >> you got to give the secret of how to get two people in the
8:43 am
same family to play in the nfl. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, a live report from newark airport where authorities are still trying to find the man that cause add massive lockdown, and the president is promise to go close gitmo and send detainees back to yemen, but are his political promises undermining the safety of americans. we'll examine that and some say many of today's kids are too overweight, overmedicated overmd disrespectful. is it the parents' fault? we'll report. you decide.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
fox news alert we've been following all morning. authorities are still trying to figure out who is that guy who slipped by security, shutting down newark international airport for hours? linda from wnyw is outside newark airport right now with the latest. linda? >> reporter: good morning. they're still trying to figure out exactly who this guy was. the tsa has been pouring over surveillance video since this happened at 5:30 last night. and they still don't know who this man is. what they're saying is that, like i said, at 5:30 last night, some guy happened to get past a screening checkpoint exit, makes it into a secure area of terminal c, problem is, nobody notices this guy doing it. as a result, they had to shut down the terminal and they
8:47 am
halted flights for hours last night. many people didn't start getting rescreened, the other passenger, until about midnight last night when they could finally board their flights and then head out of town. as you can imagine, this place was nuts. it had to be chaos. when we talked with some of the folks overnight that dealt with this, that's what they were saying because they were very confused. there were thousands of passengers here heading out of town after the holiday week there. wrapping up new year and christmas. and the bottom line is, tsa still does not know who this guy was. they're still trying to figure it out. but the big question a lot of people are asking here today and last night after this all went down is how did it happen again? we had that incident on christmas day. two days later some guy from florida gets on a flight from dc to laguardia. he gets on with a fire cracker, nobody detects that. now this has happened. a lot of people are asking, what exactly is going on with security?
8:48 am
is it 100% or isn't it? if not, why not? that's it from here. now back to you. >> thank you very much. we know it's very cold outside newark airport right now. she was talking about the attempted attack on that northwest airliner on christmas day has some saying president obama should not release gitmo detainees back to yemen or try terrorists in civilian trials. but so far, both those plans going full steam ahead. is the president putting political promises ahead of our nation's security? fox news legal analyst joins us live. one of the first things he said was he's going to close gitmo and send the people somewhere. >> yeah. that's the promise and that's the political promise borne of presidential primaries and general elections. and the answer will come soon whether politics is put ahead of security. two issue, closing guantanamo bay, and linked with the issue of whether there should be civilian trials or military commissions for enemy
8:49 am
belligerents. i don't think there is any question based on his own statement that the christmas bomber is an enemy belligerent and under the military commissions act of 2009, which is the relevant law, if you're an enemy belligerent, if you're a member of al-qaeda, then you can be tried in a military commission. but what we have here is a mindset. the president has said somehow that the rule of law, that by holding up supreme court cases, by holding up our constitution, by saying, listen, if you come and commit a crime, if you commit a war act on the united states in the united states, we're going to give you a fair trial. somehow that's going to make us safer as americans. >> as soon as the guy got his lawyer, he clammed up and that's a problem. the other problem is, right now in gitmo, you've got 90 guys from yemen. now, we had a guest who said as of 2008, 61 of the people who had been in gitmo were released back to their homelands and went
8:50 am
back into the terrorism business. >> right. and senator bonn said those numbers, in terms of recidivism, people coming the same terroristic act, those numbers haven't been brought forth fully. we need to see them if they will be a transparency with regard to how we're fighting terrorism. but there needs to be a new paradigm, a new model. you heard from michael hayden, the former director of the c.i.a. you should president bush is they made mistakes. they released people that they shouldn't have released. now we have almost 100 yemenis, many slated to be released back to yemen. what's the new paradigm? do we waive the constitution and bill of rights and say, come to america. you get rights if you commit an act of war, or do we engage military commissions the way the law and the president has signed on to? >> great question, great points. >> we'll know soon. >> we thank you very much. straight ahead, bad parents lead to bad kids. that's what our next guest says.
8:51 am
the author of, your kids are your own fault, joins us next with five ways to be a better mother or father. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷r
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
i'm gregg jarrett. coming up, we'll have the latest on the killing of two al-qaeda fighters in yemen retaliation for the christmas day attacks and just how partisan washington is the blame game becoming. new ways banks will try to get their hands on your money. we'll try to help you out, at the top of the hour. see you then. 16% of the children in the united states are overweight. more than 5 million are on ritalin and 70% graduate from high school. >> i don't like those stats. our next guest says, you may be to blame, the parents. larry is a father and the author of the new book, your kids are
8:55 am
your own fault. all right. you like to tell it like it is. are kids are our own fault? >> we like to blame the government or school systems or someone else or television is a popular, blame the media right now for the fact that our kids are uneducated, we rank 27 out of 29 that we have an obesity problem with our children, and that they are not well behaved. really it all comes back to the parents. >> and there are five basics to parenting. we'll put this up and talk a little about it. communication, involvement, education, discipline, and punishment. those seem like no brainers. all communication, that means i need to talk to my kid, and a lot of parents think, i do enough talking. but they don't do the right kind of talking. >> the average parent spends 3 1/2 minutes per week in meaning ful conversation with their week. >> that doesn't count yelling at them? >> no, meaningful conversation. we need to communicate what we expect and what the consequences
8:56 am
for the behavior we expect will be. >> that would fall in line with involvement as well. education, you say, is the responsibility of the parent. not the school. >> it is the responsibility of the parent. you need to make sure that your kid learn what is they need to learn. this is not a how to raise your kid book. it's what you ought to teach your kid book. we ought to teach them about money, how to earn it, save it, enjoy it. we need to teach them about sex. giving their word, honesty, integrity. that's our responsibility to teach that. >> and discipline and punishment fall into line with that. right? >> most parents think that punishment should be the bulk of their parenting. really if you've done everything else right, punishment becomes a small area of parenting. we need to teach consequence. >> what if the kid doesn't come out good, you want to distance yourself from the kid? >> that's a serious question. >> it is a serious question. >> we'll answer it in two minutes when you come back. can you answer people's
8:57 am
questions. >> i can stay for a while. >> we'll be right back.
8:58 am
[ announcer ] you make healthy choices every day-- oh, max! :
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>> we have a great book on parenting. what do you do, one kid listens to, -- to you, the other kid doesn't. do you get the credit for both? >> you get the credit for both and it's up to you to parent uniquely.

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